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Nancy Fagen's second book is a wonderful guide to one of the most spiritually rewarding experiences in life: writing prayer. Everything you need to pray--and write--from a place of personal power is right here in " It's a Divine Done Deal ! "

- Cynthia Cavalcanti, Creator 

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Excerpts From " Divine Nudges of Spirit"

Read an excerpt from Divine Nudges of Spirit by Nancy Fagen

Driving home from a conference, I casually mentioned to a friend, " I'm ready for an angel to come for my white wicker furniture," I was making a geographic move in a week and had already sold many items. The only major item left to sell was my white wicker furniture. 

When I returned to my home, there was a message on the answering machine from a woman saying she was interested in buying a small television for her son. She wanted to come look at the one I had advertised. 

We arranged a time, and while she was looking a the television, she spotted the white wicker furniture. She immediately expressed an interest in buying it.

We arrived at a price, and she said her husband would return at five o'clock with a truck. I agreed, and she left.

A few minutes after five o'clock, the door bell rang. When I opened the door, a man introduced himself to me. My name is Angel he said. " I've come for the furniture." Feeling amazed but appearing calm, I said, Yes, of course, please come in."

What other authors are saying about " Divine Nudges of Spirit"


Nancy has a unique way of capturing spiritual wisdom in everyday language. Her stories will expand your mind while warming your heart.

- Jay Scott Neale, Author, The Power of Positive Purpose

About the Author


Rev. Dr. Nancy Fagen is a retired ordained minister from the pulpit ministry of Center of Spiritual Living Jacksonville, Florida. She has a Ph.D. in transpersonal psychology from Sofia University in Palo Alto, California. She is known for her books "It's a Divine Done Deal" and " Divine Nudges of Spirit". She is also a contributing writer to Science of Mind Magazine and www.scienceofmind.com 


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